Who said frames are just a necessity? Because we at Her Vue, beg to differ!
We see our frames as an accessory that will add to your beauty and strength. An accessory that you can switch up whenever and however you feel in the moment! Her Vue is about Confidence, Strength, and Beauty. 
Our mission is to provide affordable eyewear that makes a bold, yet sophisticated statement to the world about who you are! We are dedicated to our amazing customers, but we are also dedicated to creating an impact. That is why we pride ourselves in supporting the lives and futures of single mothers and their children. Because with every purchase, a portion will be donated to that same cause.
For us, it’s not about how many sales we make, but more about the impact we will create. It is our desire that with our frames, you feel confident on the outside, all while feeling amazing on the inside, knowing that you’ve played a part in blessing & empowering single mothers.
We are a Mother/Daughter duo who believes in legacy and women empowerment. We desire that through our frames, you will begin to see YOU in a whole new VUE.


- Crystal Miller 

- Gwendolyn Lawson Townsend